We beleive that Earning is in the Learning. We are a Progressive thinking group of professionals beleive that aggressive and contemporary learning will make an ordinary MBA College in to a Global Standerd B School. We Relentlessly Learn to undersatnd the corporate skill requirement trends. We identify globally benchmarked certifying agencies corresponding to each of the skills in demand. We either engage certified trainers or get our inhouse faculty members certified on these skills in demand.We are creating a world class infrastructure that promdes learning enthusiasm in the students.

In essence this traslates into nurturing Global Readiness in each of the students joining us. We train the students on life skills through a structured procees. The student will get transformed in two years of exciting learnig journey with us.

The student will be equipped with skills in demand certfied by Global Agencies so also with a Refined Personality will obviously get placed. The technology top up certfications we integrated with main stream curriculum will ensure him an MNC Job as well as a promising career progression.

Thats What We Phrase as “Enjoy Learning Celebrate Winning”